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Pattern of Surface features

PTC Creo 4.0Posted by Ing. Vladimir Palffy Thu, December 14, 2017 09:34PM
Here is the Quick Example of Pattern Surface features and more from Surface modeling in Creo 4.0

In the Creo is possible to create a Surface defined by sketched Curves and create Boundary Blend feature.

... in this example I would like to show you - how to create a Datum features (Datum plane offseted from 2nd plane defined by angle) >> all this feature is possible to combine to the Group - as a group / embeded features.

New plane is as Sketch plane for next feature - Projected Curve.

Projected Curve on a surface is possible to reuse as another reference - for example >> Extrude feature defined as surface.

... if it is necessary for your design create multiple shapes - you can use Pattern feature(s).

Select feature for Pattern >> define Pattern type and dimensions >> Select Children feature and use Reference Pattern(s).

Note: The features for Pattern is possible to Group into one and use as "One Pattern feature"

Hide all unnecessary Curve features >> Save Layer Status >> finish and Save model.

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