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How to create Nested Mapkey

Tips and TricksPosted by Ing. Vladimir Palffy Tue, December 06, 2016 10:14AM

You can Nest Mapkeys so that one mapkey initiates another. To nest a mapkey, include the mapkey name preceded by a percent sign (%) in the sequence of commands of the mapkey you are defining.

For example:

mapkey $F5 %rd;%qw;%er

About Mapkeys: a mapkey is a keyboard macro that maps frequently used command sequences to certain keyboard keys or sets of keys. You can define a unique key or combination of keys (for example F8, Q1, MP). The mapkeys you can save to configuration file.

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Divide file name to two parameters

Tips and TricksPosted by Ing. Vladimir Palffy Tue, December 06, 2016 10:12AM

If your file name (model name, assembly name) is combined with DRAWING_NUMBER and MODEL_NAME separated by underscore "_" (254-33-03-008_wheel.prt) you can write relations for divide this file name to two parameters:

DRAWING_NUMBER = 254-33-03-008


Write into Relations: Tools>Relations...



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Transcript of real numbers to string

Tips and TricksPosted by Ing. Vladimir Palffy Tue, December 06, 2016 10:11AM

Do you need transform Real Number Parameter to String Parameter?

It is easy with Relations:

The input parameter: X=12.34567 (Real Number)

The output parameter: Y=1.234 (String)

Write into Relations: Tools>Relations...

/* Number of Digits
ND = 3

/* Rounded Number
RN = FLOOR((X+(5/10^(ND+1))),ND)

/* String Output - No Leading Zero

* To get a zero before the decimal point for values less than one, a conditional statement is required:

/* String Output With Leading Zero

Y = "0."+EXTRACT(ITOS((RN-FLOOR(RN)+1)*10^(ND)),2,ND)

Special thanks to:
Tom Uminn

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MAC adress Reader - unique computer identification

Tips and TricksPosted by Ing. Vladimir Palffy Tue, December 06, 2016 10:10AM

Hi All.

Would you like to identify the MAC address of your LAN adapter?

Here is a small utility that will help you: MAC_Reader

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How to use 4K-app: MultiMapkey

Tips and TricksPosted by Ing. Vladimir Palffy Mon, December 05, 2016 10:41AM
Specify a list of ProE and Creo data and Modify this objects with the Mapkey function - Easy, Quickly, How you need it.

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Automatic dividing of Pattern feature with Parameters

Tips and TricksPosted by Ing. Vladimir Palffy Sun, December 04, 2016 11:09AM

The input parameters:

SPACING (required hole spacing)
MINIMUM_OFFSET (minimum distance from the boundary)
LENGTH (total length)

The output parameters:

NUMBER_OF_MEMBERS (number of members in Pattern feature)
OFFSET (real offset from the boundary)

Write into Relations: Tools/Relations...


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